Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Secret Life of a Submissive by Sarah K

Publisher: HarperCollins
Publish Date: 6 December 2012
Genre: Erotica
Format: paperback 288 pages
Source: Review copy form the publisher
Rating: 5 out of 5 


Sarah K is a writer and a level headed single mother.  But when she meets Max – a charming, handsome and deliciously brooding – she senses things are about to change.  Max is a Dominant.  And he wants Sarah to surrender to him in every way.

In this explosive true story, Sarah takes us on her erotically charged journey to becoming a submissive.  Before long she can’t stop herself, yielding to Max’s every desire, pushing her mind and body to their limits.  Pleasure and pain become her world – and she’s addicted: to the adrenalin, to the sensation, to Max himself.

And now she’s in serious danger of giving in to the ultimate temptation: falling in love. 


Sarah is a 44 year old writer, a mum to three grown up children and in an unhappy marriage to a guy 15 years older.  The story starts with Sarah changing direction with her writing and entering the world of Erotic fiction.  With an unsatisfying sex life consisting of a fumble under the duvet in the dark once a week Sarah relies on her friends to feed her sexual imagination for her writing.  Five years and 12 erotic books later Sarah and her husband finally divorce leaving Sarah free to live out her BDSM fantasies.  Sarah joins an online BDSM dating web site and eventually meets Max who helps Sarah discover her submissive side.

I’m surprised at the time of writing this review that this book isn’t more well-known because it is really good.  The tone of the book and Sarah’s voice is superb.  Told in the first person I could really connect with Sarah and live her highs and lows.  In her forties it was nice to read about a woman who doesn’t make rash and silly decisions or play games but who is level headed and mature.  I enjoyed joining Sarah on her journey into the BDSM world from her first encounter and through her training with the delicious suit wearing alpha male Dominant Max.
As you would expect from a book like this there are lots of explicit BDSM sex scenes.  They are very well written and Sarah gives great commentary on her feelings throughout.  Just when you are wondering why she would put herself through such torturous situations Sarah explains how much she is enjoying it but if she wasn’t she could walk away at any time.
I really liked this book and highly recommend it to those who like this sort of story.  It is set in England so some people may have not quite understand the English slang but I wouldn’t let this put you off.  I also want to mention the cover as I think it is gorgeous.  The Secret Life of a Submissive is sexy, witty, emotional and a fantastic read and I am going to give it 5 stars.


  1. Thank you for a gorgeous review, Claire! I've just added this to my Amazon wishlist and hopefully buy it pretty soon. Really interested in a bdsm book with British setting for a change! :)

  2. I hope you like it Kara-Karina.


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